Reino Hasheela: Mr R. Hasheela is the Principal at ARTEE PROJECT ENGINEERS. He is a registered Professional Engineer at the Engineering Council of Namibia. Mr R. Hasheela obtained a B.Sc. Engineering (Civil) from the University of Witwatersrand and M.Eng. (Project Management) from the University of Pretoria. His experience includes serving as Roads Maintenance Engineer, Town Engineer, Airport Technical Services Manager and Director of Estate Services for the University of Namibia. With More than 10 years in the construction industry, Mr R. Hasheela is well versed with the norms and client expectations.


Tendai Chagwiza: Mr Chagwiza is a civil engineer with a degree from National University of Science and Technology in Zimbabwe. He specializes in structural engineering through extensive experience in Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. While in Botswana, Mr Chagwiza, oversaw the construction of several municipal services, including water and reticulation as well as roads.



Sorobi Zvitambo: Mr Zvitambo graduated from the University of Zimbabwe in May 2006. He has gained vast experience while working in Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, in infrastructure development, feasibility study, report writing, supervision and design of structural engineering project. His strength includes modelling of structures with complex geometry and/or loading.




Ismael Shatumbu: Mr Shatumbu is a civil engineer with qualifications from Tver State Technical University in Russia. Based on his exceptional academic performance and ambitious nature, Ismael is a true Namibian engineer. He has recently completed designs and supervision of municipal services of Ruacana Town, Extension 3.




Pious Chiwereza: Mr Chiwereza is a Civil Engineering Technician, a graduate of Bulawayo Polytechnic. Skilled Structural/Cad Technician with more than 10 years’ experience, who enjoys to work in a demanding and challenging position within an environment that also allows the development of Civil Engineering skills in draughting and designing of big projects.



Stefanus Shangeshapwako: Mr Shangeshapwako is a Civil Engineering Incorporated Engineers, a graduate of Namibian University of Science and Technology. Trained to work independently, he is capable of carrying out designing and supervision of structural engineering projects. He has completed several residential developments for private clients as well as a number renovations and alterations of police stations around the country.



Timoteus Negonga: Mr Negonga is a Civil Engineer, a graduate of University of Cape Town, in 2014. He is well equipped to run construction project after having worked as a designer and project leader on several projects.



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