ARTEE PROJECT ENGINEERS wants to bring engineering services back to what it was meant to be. We strive to improve the quality of life one project at a time.
When a project is launched, there are questions that must be answered. What does the client want to achieve and why? It is critical that objectives of the
projects are met through continuous engagement of the client throughout the project period.

We offer professional service and guidance through project management and engineering designs.

Project Management:

  • Administration
  • Budget control
  • Quality assurance

Engineering design:

  • Civil and Structural engineering services
  • Transportation
  • Scientific approach to solving problems in construction
  • Specifications and accurate quantities
  • Sound professional advise

Project planning and feasibility studies:
Assist clients with:

  • Long term planning
  • Preparation of master plans
  • Carrying out feasibility studies for the purpose of advising the viability of project, available alternatives and cost estimation


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